26 May, 2010

going to get married

Well, friends, it's about that time. Tomorrow morning at 7, my mom, sisters and I are packing up and headed out for Chapel Hill. I'm getting married on Saturday and it's totally crazy and exciting! I feel like my brain is already splintering into a thousand pieces when I think about all that needs to be done. But strangely, and mercifully, I also feel very peaceful and content. I just have to breathe every now and then. Things will go wrong (like the expected rain on Saturday, and other things I simply can't predict), but at the end of the day, I get to marry Guion. And that's all that really matters.
This morning, I read this verse, which charmed and calmed my heart. It's a passage that talks about God's presence among the Israelites as they wandered in despair:
"Your way was through the sea,
your path through the great waters;
yet your footprints were unseen."

(Psalm 77:19)
It communicates to me this beautiful idea of God's omnipresence. Even when we fail to detect him, he's there, treading the same ground. This is something I will strive to remember this weekend, and, hopefully, always.
This blog, my Flickr, and any other Internet presence I may have will understandably be on hold for a week or more. I have to get hitched, honeymoon, move to Charlottesville, and start my new job in a mere two weeks!
Thanks for the encouragement, support, and mutual excitement that's come from all of you out there. I shall return, a happily married woman!

19 May, 2010

ten days left

Back from the bachelorette retreat at Topsail! We had such a perfect time. I love these beautiful women so, so much and my life is infinitely richer because of them.
We're now in the 10-day countdown! It's a bit unbelievable to me still. As soon as I got back, I checked the weather forecast. It looks to be much of what I expected for a typical May day: hot, humid, and the possibility of transient thunderstorms. I hope they will hold off so we can take photos in the Arboretum...
Will try to write again soon. Much love!

10 May, 2010

the memorable weekend

This weekend, I said goodbye to my six fabulous and graduated housemates...
Remembered four amazing years with dear friends...

Celebrated with family...

And (most likely) found a place to live with my husband-to-be! (If all goes according to plan, we'll have the upstairs apartment in this charming, historic home near downtown Charlottesville and the Belmont neighborhood. Old doors, transom windows, and heart-of-pine floors = I'm thrilled.
There is so much going on in my life right now and I am thankful to be home for a few weeks so I can sit still and think about it all. I graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill and I'm getting married in 18 days; I feel like I should do something else momentous to keep the ball rolling... like become a first-time owner of an angora rabbit (today's obsession, for whatever reason).
All I want to do is lounge in the sun and read. But there are veils to be refashioned and plates to be counted and mason jars to be ribboned! Much, much still to be done. Love to you all, my largely anonymous body of readers!
You care for the land and water it;
you enrich it abundantly.
The streams of God are filled with water
to provide people with grain,
for so you have ordained it.
Psalm 65.9

04 May, 2010

words words words

Sorry if the last post sounded mean or ungrateful. I know it's no excuse, but I've been really stressed this week.

In better news,
I've almost graduated
My truly FINAL exam is tomorrow at 4
I'm reading Pale Fire and it's reminded me of why I love Nabokov
It's been great being home and I'm looking forward to my time here in May
Guion and I have some decent prospects for housing
We're getting married in 25 days!