14 September, 2007

keep on doin' my thing

The thunder! It rages! I am listening to Bjork right now and somehow she seems eerily appropriate to the violent weather.

Today I bought myself a book because I felt like I deserved it. Though initially overwhelmed by the vast number of titles begging for my attention (Kerouac! Marquez! Chesterton!), I made my choice and am very happy with it: Francine Prose's Reading Like a Writer. I've desperately wanted this book since it came out last year. It is safe to say that Francine Prose is my vocational idol; I want to BE Francine Prose in thirty years. She writes the best reviews for The New York Times Book Review and never fails to amaze me with her skill, her observations, her light and incandescent diction. I cannot wait to start reading it. I'm not sure when I'll make the time -- juggling the new duties of being a journalist for the acclaimed Daily Tarheel with being a mildly successful student has been more of a struggle than I thought -- but I am going make time.

Recent exchange in our room:
Catherine: "God will spite you!"
Me: "No, He won't!"
Kathryn: "What?"
Catherine: "Psych!"
Check out Cat Klaw; it will probably change your life.

*Addendum. Kathryn and I just had a knock-down, drag-out fight about the spelling of "psych." She insists, along with Urban Dictionary, that it is spelled "sike." Which I think is ridiculous, because Merriam-Webster spells it "psych" AND! Furthermore! Urban Dictionary has an entry just below "sike" that says it is the "misspelling of psych." "Miss English Major over here thinks she can put slang in grammatical terms," she says, snarkily. Slang can be spelled correctly. Just because it's slang doesn't mean you have to spell it like garbage. I'm right. She's wrong. End of story.

We're going out now, venturing into the dark rain, looking for people to call friends...


Anonymous said...

Abby Farson, YOU are my idol for getting to write for the Daily Tarheel! Your sisters told me that yesterday annnndd that's definitey been my dream for the longest time. Besides writing for the New Yorker...but first comes first. So now I'm definitely going to stalk you and read every article you write. I'm sure you'll be fabulous!


Anna said...

wait, what? You wrote something for the Daily Tarheel?

Abby, dear... thanks for the message. It was a hard week and you cheered me up. One of these days I'll call you, too.

how are you?

Liz Hundley said...

Hey! So. Word has it you + Cat Klaw are going to Vintage 21 now. If the rumors are true, would it be possible for me to hitch a ride next time with you lovely ladies? :o)

fiercest said...

abby, i have no doubt that if you cut your hair it would be absolutely stunning. i base this, of course, on the rock solid statement that it would be impossible for you not to look stunning. nb: this includes situations involving mime makeup, mud masks, and/or stripes-and-plaid.


emily said...

I second what my sister said about you looking stunning.