22 March, 2008

"I hate watching movies with you, actually."--Kathryn

Blogging? What? No time for that stuff.

I am sitting at home on my couch, listening to Bach and Beethoven, distracted from schoolwork as usual. Kathryn came home with me for the weekend and we've had a lovely time buying bras and pashminas, getting stuck in classic I-77 traffic, watching "Cold Mountain," scavenging for food, and arguing hotly about the Bush Administration. She loves me about 50 percent of the time. But I think I love her 98 percent of the time. (That lacking two percent is when she's talking about Bush. Or putting peanut butter on tortillas, which may or may not be the most disgusting thing I've ever seen.)

She is a good roommate and I don't want her to leave me for Sevilla. But at least she's going to get married in Davidson (something she decided this weekend) and I'm going to throw her a kicking bachelorette party at our house.

Things worth mentioning:

So... courtesy of a scholarship, I'm going to be in Tokyo this summer. And I couldn't be happier or more bewildered that my childhood dream is finally coming true. (I have no idea what to expect! I am going to be living with a Japanese family and taking classes at Japan's equivalent of Stanford University! And I can only read at a second-grade level because I only know 1,000 of 6,500 kanji! Whee!)

Even though I've never owned a Polaroid camera and never planned to, I'm still very upset to hear that Polaroid is discontinuing its film. Polaroids are among my favorite photographs. And soon they will be a distant relic. More information at Save Polaroid.

Got two great books yesterday: 100 Selected Poems of e.e. cummings (the same copy that J.Hecht has, actually; I've been coveting that volume ever since I saw it on his bookshelf) from my parents and then a collection of Ernest Hemingway's short stories for a quarter at the library. If I have nothing else on earth, at least I have my books.

Speaking of Hemingway, you have to read what he has to say about NCAA men's basketball.

My faith comes back in spurts. On Thursday night, after my pre-birthday dinner, Mom, Kathryn and I went to Summit and drank chamomile tea and talked about God. I was very angry with God at the beginning of the hour, but as I listened to them talk (they are both far wiser women than I am) and they let me verbally untie my frustrations with faith, I left feeling hope pulsing back. I still do not have answers, but I have a keener sense of God's goodness. Returning to the elementary things we know about Him, Kathryn says.

Come and see what God has done,
how awesome his works in man's behalf!
He turned the sea into dry land,
they passed through the river on foot--
come, let us rejoice in him.


fiercest said...

i have 100 selected poems as well, and please tell me that hemingway collection is a moveable feast....

Grant said...

Dear Abby,

Know that the Lord has put you on my heart to pray for, and that I will continue to pray that He will show you His perfect will in due time.

Your faith is being tested. Whether you realize it or not, your faith, no matter how small, no matter how beaten, torn or flickering, is still lovely in the eyes of the Lord.

"...blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed."

~John 20:29

Hold on to the small things. I drove myself mad last year, trying to figure out the big picture, and how God works, and ended up almost losing my trust and simple faith. However, the Lord showed me that He is in the small things, and if we will just hold on to the Rock, the waves will soon pass.

Praying for you!

hunter said...

i've been scanning polariods all day. someone will have to pick up on this market and buy out a factory or start making the film, maybe fuji or something... i hope so.