27 April, 2008

the best gesture of my brain

Good things this weekend:

Aaron Copland!
Overusing the word “tremendous”
Sunshine and balmy weather
Being done with classes
Excellent food and conversation with Mr & Mrs Pratt
Finally playing the campus disc golf course with Guion
The grass
“Mad Mission” by Patty Griffin
Forest Theater at midnight with the Druids
The gradual threat of rain
Contentment and peace

This meager update is all I have time for now; big exams on Monday and Tuesday. More to come if and when clarity is resurrected. (But I am happy, so happy!)

since feeling is first
who pays any attentionto the syntax of things
will never wholly kiss you;
wholly to be a fool
while Spring is in the world

my blood approves,
and kisses are a better fate
than wisdom
lady i swear by all flowers. Don't cry—
the best gesture of my brain is less than
your eyelids' flutter which says

we are for each other: then
laugh, leaning back in my arms
for life's not a paragraph

And death i think is no parenthesis

- e.e. cummings


Mike Pratt said...
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