02 June, 2008

onwards, tokyo!

By way of an update, I suppose it's worth mentioning that this will likely be my last entry from the States. J.Hecht is coming to fetch me and take me to Raleigh and we'll leave here Wednesday afternoon. Catherine is graciously taking me to the airport on Thursday morning, where I will fly to New York City. From there, I will catch a 14 hour flight to Narita Airport, Tokyo, arriving June 6.

It's been a quiet afternoon. Grace, of course, is still adventuring in the deep jungles of Peru (we haven't heard from her in a number of days and Mom and Dad are convinced she's dead; I, on the other hand, merely think she's been kept too busy by the indigenous Quechuan cult she joined). Kelsey is at CTOPS (orientation for UNC) today and tomorrow with her roommate, registering for classes and being inundated with all of the sparkly rah-rah Carolina goodness. So it's just me and Sam. The two of us finished watching two episodes of "30 Rock" and now he's off to hockey. I will miss easy, comfortable home life. But I am excited about adjusting to different, exciting home life in Chiba.

Dad has been digging in this pit next to the house all day long; he just came in, spotted with sweat and streaked with red dirt. My parents have this ridiculous notion that they are going to put a fish pond there. Cute idea, but I'm not so sure it's going to work. We are not the best of fish-keepers and somehow the idea of creating a pool of water right against your house seems unwise. But I guess Father knows best? I'm forever entertained by their many projects. The most recent one before this being "the nursery" that he's been outfitting. It's a room (previously the attic) just off of our bedroom that was going to be Grace's art studio (oh, the privileges of being the favorite) but is now being called "the nursery" because my father is crazy and wants grandchildren. As soon as possible. He had all of us girls together a few weeks ago and asked us, in his characteristic yet confusing mix of facetious sincerity, "Don't you think it's a wonderful idea to have babies? Like right now? Don't even worry about getting married! I just would like some more kids!" Mother has, apparently, already refused to contribute on this one, and so he has turned to us. We reminded him that he has Ally and Kate right next door, but he said two is not enough. Sorry to disappoint, Dad. Not for some years yet.

Been thinking a lot about prayer lately (thanks to conversations with Mr. Pratt and Megan) and realized how much my prayer life needs to grow. I feel like it has during these past few weeks, with everyone I love scattered all around the globe, and my need for some connection with God has been heightened. I know I'll need that line to be as strong as ever in Japan.

With that acknowledgement, I'm off.

Love and the Pacific Rim!


Kathryn & Catherine said...

pacific rimmers! love you abbs

emily said...

I love you so much Abby! I miss you and miss you more. I can't wait to hear about Tokyo. I'm doing alright in Egypt... the nanny part of it is way harder than I had expected. One of the kids has some serious behavioral problems. I wish you happy little Japanese kids that are giggles and smiles and every bit as cute as the language!

Anonymous said...

Off you go! I'm so happy you're going on this trip and I hope you learn SO much, love SO much, and enjoy your time! I'll be praying for you and of course thinking of you too. Miss you. Love you. See you on the other side of the summer :)