19 January, 2009

dog lust

The inauguration of Barack Obama and the potential of snow are tomorrow's two most exciting things.

I finished The Unbearable Lightness of Being today and still hold to my previously expressed opinion that it was very, very well done. Airy and surprising. Kundera doesn't ever let you get comfortable with his style, but I think that's one of the reasons I liked him so much. He's not gritty and grating, but he is constantly eluding one's expectations. Next on the reading list: The Shipping News by Annie Proulx, found in a used bookstore in So. Pines with Guion.

This has been a week of dog lust, specifically Australian Shepherd lust. I showed Guion videos of them catching frisbees and being generally awesome until I had to cover my eyes because I was getting so excited. And this morning, while I ate my grapefruit for breakfast, I watched a photo slideshow of Aussies. Upon confessing this to Emily, she said, with a leveled, extremely serious voice, "We need to talk about this." (She gave me a swift veto today when, upon visiting a house showing that had a fenced yard and permitted pets, I asked her if we could get one.)

I have not changed since I was a little girl, when my heart would beat faster and faster as I paged through my beloved dog breed encyclopedia, when just the sight of leashes and collars hanging in the grocery store made me long for a furry little neck to adorn, when I dragged my family to local sheep-herding competitions just so I could socialize with the Australian Shepherds and Border Collies. Yes, I know, it's a problem. One that unfortunately cannot be remedied since I am presently living in a dorm. So the question is, What will it take to soften Emily's resolve?

I bought a fat thesaurus last week. This is mainly because every online thesaurus I have ever used is notably horrible. The paper edition is the real thing. I hope I will get in the habit of using it more often. But even if I don't, I just like looking at it on my desk.

Also, I hope I look like this when I am seventy: (credit: The Sartorialist)


Liz Hundley said...

i love aussies, too! at least you have companionship in your obsession. :P and if you look like that when you are 70, i might be a little creeped out. just sayin. miss you!!

Grant H. said...

I also love Aussies!

We have two yellow labradors, and they love to have love, and never have enough, so if you'd like to visit and play with them, you're more than welcome.