08 February, 2009

sun coming

(One of my favorite photos I've taken; I can't quite say why. From a trail in Asheville.)

Spring burst onto the scene this weekend and I couldn't have welcomed it with more joy. Even though I have been feeling lately like my mind is splitting at the seams, or my life is tearing into a thousand pieces, somehow having sunshine and warm weather makes everything seem sane. If only for a beautiful afternoon, lying in the grass in the Arboretum, laughing with Emily and Catherine; sun glinting off their hair, three chickadees in the tree above us, a boy climbing a tree, the obliteration of responsibility, homework, classes. It is nice just to breathe a bit.

"Outside the trees dragged their leaves like nets through the depths of the air; the sound of water was in the room and through the waves came the voices of birds singing. Every power poured its treasures on his head, and his hand lay there on the back of the sofa, as he had seen his hand lie when he was bathing, floating, on top of the waves, while far away on the shore he heard dogs barking and barking far away. Fear no more, says the heart in the body; fear no more." -- Mrs. Dalloway

(I could read that book a hundred times and never get tired of it.)

Sarah and Maria kidnapped Grace and brought her here to celebrate her 17th birthday this weekend.

Something I remembered today: God still answers prayer.

And now to bed.

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