22 March, 2010

here we come, florida

We're moving to Tallahassee! Guion will be attending grad school at Florida State to acquire an MFA in poetry and I will be looking desperately for jobs! If you have any contacts here, or have visited and have any tips about good places to live and work, we'd be eager to hear from you. I'm excited! If all goes according to plan right now, we'll be aiming to move down here in August, after spending a summer living cheaply and finishing up our jobs in the Davidson-Salisbury area. While it was a difficult choice to make at some points, I think I'm definitely going to enjoy winters in Tallahassee more than I would in Boston or Manhattan...


Como Say What? said...

this will be a good thing! expect to see me there lots ; )

also, swim wear is wayy more fun than thick jackets. . . remember that one.

laurennicolelove.com said...

WHAAAT!!! oh my goodness! that's where i was born, and both my parents went to FSU.

do you know the pittmans? shep and hunter and their family? they live in tallahassee and would be great people to know.

best of luck darling