11 October, 2007

this too shall be made right

People keep telling me things I need to hear. Though occasionally jarring, it's always beneficial in the end. It is very healthy to have people like this in one's life: those who will get up in your business and look you in the eye and say, "What are you doing? What masks are you hiding behind?" I have had an abundance of these penetrating, earnest conversations these past two months that I almost don't know what to do with them; it's still so fresh to me. These sorts of meetings (collisions of spirits, really) have happened to me almost every day this week, through various methods through various people. And it is good. And I have needed it.

For example, Alex's talk tonight at IV was reassuring and challenging and appropriately aggressive. I am thankful that he isn't afraid to tell us where we need to repent, as so many Christian leaders seem to be loath to do these days. He said many true things, but the one that stuck in my mind like a briar was this one: "Busyness is a breeding ground for loneliness." So often we think the opposite, that busyness is the antidote to loneliness; that if we only have enough things to do, we won't feel the oppressive isolation, we'll somehow forget the lack of meaningful relationships in our short lives. I believe this lie. I am still learning to let it go. But I am heartened to see the gradual progress I have made in this area. Slowly, slowly, I release it; slowly, slowly I turn...

"KEEP ON loving each other as brothers and sisters." (Hebrews 13:1)

Taking a stroll around Gimghoul with my lover a few days ago...
Me: What are you going to do after this?
Catherine: I don't know. Run around. Start a fire in the forest. Incite revolt.

Tonight one of the women in IV encouraged us ladies, due to the excessive drought that our state is suffering from, to stop shaving to conserve water. I am totally down with that.

(I am re-learning how to be alone.)

Two song lyrics that have been absolutely killing me lately: Such brilliance!

1. "Oh, I don't know suffering; not even outside my front door / And I join the oppressors of those I choose to ignore / And I'm trading for comfort for human life / And that's not just murder, it's suicide / This too shall be made right."-- Derek Webb, "This Too Shall Be Made Right"

2. "And the string section's screaming like horses in a barn burning up..." -- Josh Ritter, "Rumors"

I cannot contain my excitement about going home for fall break... I even dreamed about it last night...


Jeff said...

I don't attend IV at UNC, obviously, but I too was struck by Alex's blog. He seems to hit on some very profound issues and I agree that his comments about busyness were some of the more profound. "Busyness is the breeding ground for loneliness".

Ironic how we try to use it as a fill for loneliness...

One other comment...
I like that Derek Webb quote.
It reminds me of a blog you posted a few days ago. And rather than responding with a comment, I'll respond with a question.
How do we have right action when it comes to justice? I hate the idea of doing justice things because it's cool, but I think there are certain actions that are important.
To paraphrase something I've previously said...I think justice is treating people like they're children of the same God that I'm a child of. And justice is acting in a way that shows I know I'm just as lost without my heavenly Father, in the person of Christ, as they are.
In other words, justice is treating every person like they're just as valuable and capable as you are.

Anonymous said...

Abby! iloveyou!

Yeah, guitar is a great way to let emotions out. :] I am teaching myself and moving quickly. It's so fun! You say hi to everyone too!

<3 you bunches!

Anna said...

Abby, I miss you. Kind of a lot.

Anna said...

so today in chapel they played "this too"

and I sobbed the whole time. in front of all my friends. I just couldn't help it.

the thought of all my sin and how messed up... EVERYTHING is...and the fact that he still cares to (and will) make things right...

I was definitely moved. I thought of you.