29 November, 2007

will it make you grow numb

Yesterday I ran into J.Hecht while leaving Shakespeare and it was the highlight of Wednesday. He was dapper and cheery and gave me a hug and said, surveying my clothes, "This is great, this is great. You look so good!" Getting fashion approval from Jonathan is like getting a compliment from Armitage on your essay: these little gems are very rarely distributed, but when they are, you know they're sincere. And so it means that much more.

Because Elizabeth asked: The brief story of what happened to Chuck Norris/Oliver. Apparently, he was not abandoned; he actually belongs to some people down the road and he ran away from home when they got a puppy. The reason why he looked strange and walked crooked was because he was sixteen years old and had a brain tumor and rheumatoid arthritis. Hehe. Oops. (Dad put a splint on him, thinking there was something in his paw. Turns out he’s just old and creaky.) His real name is Rambo, so Sam wasn’t too far off with Chuck Norris. To Dad’s sorrow, he was returned to his joyful family this week. Thus ends the first and hopefully last experience of feline ownership for our family.

I don't think I write very well anymore. Particularly when compared to the rest of you. I mentioned this to Nick and he says it's the fault of the DTH. Probably. Journalism is not much concerned with style and beauty; economy above all else!

I hate having to choose schoolwork over people. Like yesterday, when Catherine, J.Clem, and Kathryn were here and we were watching David Blaine spoofs and talking about how we were friendless losers as children. I really wanted to stay and talk with them for another hour but I went to the library to study for tomorrow's geology test (gross). Kathryn and Betsey would say this is not a choice that I should ever have to make, but I don't think I could live with myself if I didn't prepare for these monstrous exams. Balance, balance. It's so hard to find.

"You know how I love demeaning deep theological issues..."--Kathryn, the other night

And that's it. I am fairly empty this morning but this does not trouble me as it ordinarily would. Pressing thoughts burn too many carbs.

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