27 December, 2007


Best of Christmas 2007

Best food: my grandmother’s famous potato casserole

Best discussion: on Republican presidential candidates and Japanese culture, with my grandfather

Best solitude: praying alone in the field after my run

Best accomplishment: finishing three books (Siddhartha, Me Talk Pretty One Day, French Women Don’t Get Fat) and starting a fourth (Howards End)

Best game: playing frisbee golf with Dad, siblings, cousins Matt and Emily; a course we invented that snaked throughout the field and forest and around the lake.

Best quote: “Glitter is a menace.”—Dad, following Sam’s bizarre freak-out, which was induced by the glitter which had covered his sweatshirt.

Best gifts: long desired and longed for Canon PowerShot SD750 and dark green “poet pants” from Anthropologie.

Best post-Christmas conversation: with Anna, who reminded me about what matters

Best Christmas spirit: youngest cousin, Mary Elizabeth, who opened every present and declared, “It’s AWESOME!” while hoisting the gift over her head and marching triumphantly around the room.

Happy Christmas Chaos
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