11 December, 2007

overheard in chapel hill

This is why sitting outside all day long is beneficial.

Blonde girl: "Why is it a beautiful day?"
Brown boy: "Because I'm wearing shorts. I mean, that's not why it's a beautiful day..."

Former homeschooler: "People go to grad school to obtain very specific careers, Anna. But do you really want to be the Queen Librarian of Arkansas?"

Redhead with piercing: "Let me tell you, medieval prostitution was HUGE. Explosive. All those popes running around, you know."

Hot Asian girl: "When did you see him naked? Wait... are we talking about the same guy?"

Girl: "Girl, you are blocking my periphial vision!" (As opposed to "peripheral"...)

And my personal favorite...

Frat boy: "I get in fights all the time. That's why I carry a knife with me wherever I go."
Frat girl: "Really? Isn't that against the Constitution?"

1 comment:

hunter said...

periphial. awesome. something i hate to hear almost as much as people who say "supposebly."