28 January, 2008

because homework is way less fun

If my blogging friends were celebrated authors... Jonathan: Ernest Hemingway
Jonathan and Ernest: simplicity, strength, and a good bullfight
Elizabeth: Emily Brontë
Elizabeth and Emily note the intricacies of emotion that everyone else misses.

Brittany: Carson McCullers
Brittany and Carson are plucky and adventurous; they use athletic, raw language with delightful adeptness.

Catherine: Joan Didion
Catherine and Joan are chic, strong, unafraid of grief.
Kathryn: Zelda Fitzgerald
Kathryn and Zelda are kicky and cute; loyal and yet idiosyncratic. (E.g., Zelda would probably drink milk out of a box, too.)

Nick: G.K. Chesterton
Nick and Gilbert preserve a detached exterior that conceals a rich soul. (Though, Nick, take G.K. as an example that too much philosophy leads to too many pounds.)

Rachel: Edna St. Vincent Millay
Rachel and Edna catch supple language and use it freely, binding reality and emotion with breathtaking skill.

Emily: H.D.
Emily and Hilda are fierce and beautiful poets; women who prove that being ardently feminine does not mean you write wimpy poetry.


asian 1 said...

Is that ME or Clem-Clem?

hunter said...

genius. i like it. i will also have to look up half of those people to know who they are, but nonetheless a great idea.

eliz said...

this is fun! thanks!