09 January, 2008

why waste more time, time is all you have

The first day of classes is always thrilling to me. That initial assessment of professors, classroom atmosphere and location, discerning which classmates are going to be obnoxious or friendly, sizing up syllabi -- all of it is exciting because it is new.

So far, I like three of my six classes. My News Writing professor is quick and energetic and certainly knows her stuff. It will be a demanding class, but I like having a real reason to read The New York Times all the way through every day. Japanese IV is the same mix of strange, strange people, but it's by far the friendliest class I've ever taken. My math class (Math for Dummies!) lasted all of 3 minutes because the teacher was taking an exam or something. This class will be bearable if Catherine and J.Hecht can get into it.

Things feel strange still. Everyone is the same... but not. Fall semester changed us, I think. The changes rise to the surface when we come back and have to learn to get along with each other all over again.

Kathryn's new haircut is annoyingly cute and she looks good ALL THE TIME. This is simply unacceptable roommate behavior. It's too hard to keep up.

I am becoming incorrigibly obsessed with all things journalism; it's all I've been reading and thinking about this past week. But I am so excited to finally be doing things and taking classes that will actually help me later in LIFE. I can't stop. It gives me the delusion of being important, so I'm going to hold on to that for a bit longer, thank you.

Entries will be getting shorter. 17 hours of classes + DTH + small group + IV + having friends and a life = not much time. But I am still taking photos every day, so you can keep up there.

(Title taken from a Rosie Thomas song.)

Hearing: "Lover" by Devendra Banhart and "Boyz" by M.I.A.
Reading: Today's Times and The Elements of Journalism and boring Media Law stuff
Eating: a little square of dark chocolate

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Liz Hundley said...

i love rosie thomas.
and your blog.
and you! :)