23 March, 2009

breaking, entering, poeticizing


Sunday night around 11 p.m., UNC-CH senior Guion Pratt and junior Abby Farson snuck into Phillips Hall, home of the UNC math department, to commit deliberate acts of poetic graffiti. Armed with bits of chalk, Pratt and Farson crept into a dozen different classrooms and wrote random lines of poetry on the blackboards. Their vandalism included selections from T.S. Eliot, Philip Levine, W.H. Auden and William Shakespeare, among others. The pair was almost caught on the third floor, but nimbly flew down the fire escape. Wire reports indicate they also continued their work on the second floor of Hanes Art Center. When asked about the motivation of their premeditated mischief, Farson said, "It was a simple act of kindness, to bring beauty to the dreary lives of math students."