14 March, 2009

the wide net

Things I like these days:

1. Google Reader

2. The sun, particularly now that it is a rather rare atmospheric phenomenon

3. Slideshows from The New York Times, especially in Travel and Home & Garden

4. Other people's Flickr pages

5. The Book Bench from The New Yorker

6. Reading the electronic edition of the daily paper copy of The Denver Post. It's a really beautiful paper.

7. Getting paid

8. Target

9. Looking at houses while I'm driving

10. Handfuls of raw spinach

11. Writing in my journal every day

12. Admiring Grace's big, charcoal nude sketches

13. Romans

14. Talking about Michael Pollan


16. Thrift shops

17. Cheap jewelry

18. Orchids, lilies, sunflowers, basically anything green and living in my room

19. Dreaming

20. "A Still Moment," by Eudora Welty

21. Driving the Papa John

Today I miss Japan. And today I cannot write very well at all. Any attempts I've made at getting this story to come out have been embarrassingly flat. Now I don't want to go back to Chapel Hill. I feel like I only have six weeks of happiness left.


Angela Tchou said...

omg I love talking about Michael Pollan too. you should get Omnivore's Dilemma if you haven't yet. I gave both my copies away. And after you read that you will stop eating processed foods.

i gave up my mirror to simply be glass said...

ditto on the sun. it made an appearance for the first time in probably two months - i am ecstatic.

i miss you!