30 July, 2009

the stationery life

The three of us at the Colorado Shakespeare Festival, during "half-time," as Jonathan said
Jonathan was here for the past three days and I can't say just how lovely it was to have him here. Every day was perfect. We laughed so much. We went to the grocery store; fell in love with downtown Boulder; had the utterly perfect, classic picnic (brie, gouda, grapes, dark chocolate, freshly baked bread and "wine"); saw "Much Ado About Nothing" and barely escaped the rain; made a pizza and a sour-cream chocolate cake with chocolate satin icing; watched MTV with Claire; had many long, happy chats on the couch with Kitteh. I'd forgotten how sincerely wonderful it is to have someone around without having to explain the context for every story and reference. I've missed good, old friends and he was exactly the respite I needed. I was sad to see him go, but glad that he was off to love on the Barge Train in the District before they headed back to Chapel Hill.
Holden Thorp and the love child of Nicolas Cage and Tom Green also made an appearance in "Much Ado About Nothing."
Can I name a child Esme? Or at least an Australian Shepherd?
I want to read so many BOOKS! I cannot read enough! Boulder must have the most independent bookstores within the smallest space in America and it was driving me mad. I was speechless with distraction. Jonathan and Sonya had to pry me away from the stacks. Top of my list for fall: "Lamb," by Christopher Moore, and "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close," by Jonathan Safran Foer, and "The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao," by Junot Diaz.
I'm ticked with Sen. John McCain from Arizona. Remember him? Because of his poor decision-making skills, we're going to have to hear about the former Gov. Sarah Palin for the REST OF OUR LIVES. That's such a bummer. We will hear every crazy and nonsensical thing she says from here forward. Because that's her genius; she will not vanish, even though she has no message to give us.

Slate, regarding of her resignation speech, said it perfectly: "Watch it as many times as you like; you still come away feeling you've been treated to a cozy chat with the Mad Hatter. The media are bad. Those ethics complaints are expensive. Alaska was a great idea. She is not a dead fish. Put it all together and what do you get? A born fighter who has given us no sense whatsoever of what she's fighting for."
Jonathan has told me to start my 365 project again--but with a twist. Start with the first day of our senior year, Aug. 25, 2009, and finish once graduation is over and "adulthood" has commenced, Aug. 25, 2010. I think I'm going to do it. Obnoxious? Dumb? He says he misses it. If Jonathan likes it, it's worth doing again. So, friends, assemble!
Thumbs down on wearing a tiara on your wedding day. This is not prom.
Jonathan and I have unequivocally decided that this is the year of GOYA: Get Off Your Ass. Following GOYA, I've decided to buy a used copy of "The Joy of Cooking" and try to make at least one recipe a week. And if not from that book, at least make something new every week. (This is also a subtle plan to make Guion love me more.)
CAN NO ONE IN THE BLOGOSPHERE SPELL "STATIONERY" PROPERLY? Gosh, cute blogging women, you do NOT love "letterpress stationary." Letterpress is only ever stationary, unless you're actually chucking it at someone or have given it wings.
How wonderful: 100 salads for summer. Add this to list of new recipes and things to try.
Yesterday my Uncle Steve, my dad's eldest brother, came to visit and we took a long drive up in the mountains to see the mining ghost towns beyond Black Hawk and Central City. I really enjoyed our time together. Even though the last time I talked to him or even saw him was probably 10 years ago, I kept feeling this sense of the undeniable connection of family. We had this bond because we were related and as he talked, I saw my father in his lips, my aunt in his eyes, my grandmother in his cheekbones. And I was happy, to be with family again.
Grace has a new blog and it is much cooler than mine.
The Audacity of Hops! I'm a little dismayed that Obama's beer of choice is Bud Light.
My heart is so happy in Chapel Hill and Davidson and I can't wait to return to those two places.


kk said...

high fives re: your opinion on tiaras and weddings. apparently i'm supposed to have an opinion on these things now, so i'm working on it... which mostly means, reading other people's opinions and deciding if i agree.

two thumbs way down to dresses that make one look like a princess or a fairy, too.

and also, have you read _everything is illuminated_ by jonathan safran foer? :)

lastly, dinner? lunch? coffee sometime?

Chris Jones said...

Huh. I never knew stationary the noun and verb had different spellings.

Chris Jones said...

What I meant is "noun and adjective" obviously.

Como Say What? said...

AHHH... I want to see you! missing you lots today & i've been in a rotten mood all day...

love your dress in that picture (everyone is very good-looking in that photo)

I support GOYA & I think you should do 365 again.

you are wonderful & whenever I am bored I just read your blog

Dominic said...

Thanks :).

nrwilliams said...

I have Diaz if you want to borrow him. It's good. And "Everything Is Illuminated" is supposed to be better than the other. It's also good.



Anonymous said...

i'm staying in the house, yes. it'll be different.

hrm yes. If time permits,I'm considering attending Alianza meetings (farmer's rights), though FLO has some great people (meet Patrick B.. he's one of my favorites).

Have you read Omnivore's Dilemma by Pollen? He's one of those authors I just need to stop procrastinating about.

one thing more: let's bike to the farmer's market to get fresh ingredients for your new-found recipes, yes?