03 August, 2009


Kelsey has been in Peru too long. She just sent me an e-mail asking if there were "any bookstores or pharmacies in Colorado" she could go to. No, sorry, Kels. It's really weird, but Coloradans seem to exist without them.

Hiking tomorrow at Alderfer/Three Sisters park with Sonya and possibly Reid, David and Steven. Kinda wish Kelsey and Grace could be with me, because it would be very appropriate.

This is all I have to say right now. I'm clipping through "Middlemarch" at a pleasant pace. Hit page 640 this afternoon before work. Just about 250 more to go! It's so nice to read big books without any idea what's going to happen. So many modern novels are too predictable. Not Eliot. I've also grown increasingly fond of Dorothea; I think she's a wonderful creation and far more complex than Rosamond or Celia. I believe Eliot's talent is most well-displayed in her.

It's fun, having Mondays be your Fridays. It really warps your sense of weeks, but I like it. I believe it accelerates time.

ONE WEEK until Kelsey and EIGHT DAYS until Guion!

As excited as I am to see them, I am going to miss this place. I'm already trying to figure out a way to get back here.

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