20 August, 2009

other things

The Great American Roadtrip was a success and passed surprisingly quickly. Thanks to the generosity of a friend and family (Liz, Uncle Joe & Aunt Suzanne), Safeway, 21 burned CDs and good company, it was a swift and pleasant trip. Kansas had an alien beauty and we were mesmerized by the enormous wind turbines, tilling the air as Emiliana Torrini sang "Gun." Prairie Dog Town was horrible and depressing. Kelsey wore fleece pants on a 95-degree day and then complained about being hot. Guion's hair was surreptitiously braided while he was distracted. Tennessee had a very welcome beauty, as it began to look like home. And then we got off 77 and drove into Davidson, with the windows down and "Wake Up" blaring, guiding us home in our own personal parade.

A few photos are up on Facebook.

Speaking of photos: Jonathan, get excited, because the 365 Project is coming back on Aug. 25! Jonathan and my mom are the only ones who will care, but it's happening again, with a twist: 365: The Senior Edition. First day of senior year to the first day of life as a graduate. It's going to be very weird.

It is lovely to be home. Kelsey and I spent yesterday packing for school and while it took us nearly the entire day, I feel fabulous about being all ready to spring into the car and jet back to Chapel Hill. Returning to my beloved university with an inherited sense of superiority; to the brick walks and familiar classrooms; to delightful, much-missed friends; to a charming house that I get to call my own; to wearing obnoxious stickers at Fall Fest; to looking down on freshmen at Lenoir and thinking, "How cute they are,"; to IV; to my jobs; to the farmers' market; to Davis Library. Oh, Davis, I've missed you most of all!

Almost finished with "Middlemarch," my great summer project. About 90 pages to go.

Going to buy last-minute house things with Dad now. Will write more comprehensive things later.


Christa said...

so glad you made it back safely!

Mrs. Stone said...

I, also, will love your 365 Project. Your blog is one of my favs and I am excited about the project being back. Just thought you would like to know that. Didn't know you were kept up with and prayed for by randoms, did you? Hope your senior year is fabulous. Love ya!

sean said...

I'm glad you guys got back safely! I think Kansas has an underrated summer beauty - in fact when I have time I like to get off the interstate for awhile and drive on the highways hitting the small towns with the solo stop lights, railroad tracks, and farms - transporting my mind to a whole new place. Denver misses you already. Keep in touch!