22 February, 2010

puppies and dolphins

I turned in my full draft this weekend, and so I took the whole weekend off my thesis. It felt amazing not to be chained to my busted laptop, tapping out confused prose about alternative forms of artistic creation. Guion told me I seemed happier than I've been in a long time, which might just be true. I am pleased I have a little less than a month to edit, and then, on March 19, I will be free!

I've had enough of this temperamental weather. Yesterday was impossibly gorgeous. Guion and I went to church with Alex and Kelsey and then came back, walked to the quad, and lounged in the grass for three or four hours. We "did our marriage push-ups" (his term for the book we're reading together, Sacred Marriage) and talked with random friends who stopped by. It was perfect. And now, today, it's cold and raining. As if it had never met yesterday.

I got a beautiful little letter from Grace yesterday. She is the cutest and most talented person I know. She also knows how to tug on my heartstrings: there was a DOLPHIN smiling at me at the bottom of the page.

I really want to adopt this puppy. Right now. A certain fiance didn't think he was CUTE. This certain fiance might be going blind.

For Christmas, Guion gave me the guitar that won him Euros and small fame this summer in Ireland. I finally picked it up last night and remembered how joyful it was to play... but now slightly disappointing, because I seem to have forgotten almost everything I knew. Not to mention the fact that my calluses have disappeared. I think it will gradually come back to me, but I need to keep playing--or, more accurately, keep struggling.

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