25 February, 2010

stuff and nonsense

Have I told you how much I love our wedding photographer, Meredith? Because I do. She's not only amazing at what she does, but just about the sweetest person we've worked with amid all of this wedding madness. She's incredible and I can't wait to see her in May.

Speaking of our wedding, would it be criminal to forgo flowers? They're the only thing that's stressing me out right now. I love flowers. If I were rich, I would have vases of fresh ones in every room. But they're so unbelievably expensive and our little budget can't really handle them. That said, however, we've been receiving some wallet-friendly suggestions from people--and an extremely gracious offer of help from one of our dear neighbors. I think it will all come together. I'm just anxious about it. And I don't really have the energy to be anxious about anything right now.

News flash: The woman in the Honda with the border collie was in the exact SAME place again this morning, trying once more to pull off an extremely poorly planned ten-point turn! What is she doing? Why is her dog with her? The world is full of mystery.

Last night, as I was perusing the blogosphere while waiting for the ice skating to begin, I stumbled upon these gorgeous wedding photos by one of Charlotte's most respected wedding photographers. The bride is an old friend of a friend and although we have not spoken in years, I feel oddly compelled to tell her how remarkably beautiful she looked. For real. This girl is a knockout. And godly; a pre-req. for marrying into Crossway royalty, you know. But the photos are stunning. The picture of her and her dad kissing her head: gorgeous and sweet.

Snowed this morning. Fat, floppy snowflakes that flew sideways and refused to stick. This has been the longest winter ever and I am so eager to have it go. I miss wearing dresses.


kk said...

my favorite idea for flowers: go to the farmers' market and get whatever's in season. give each bridesmaid $10 and tell them to get something specific, something in your colors, or whatever they want. :) you'd have better luck doing this than i would, as you're getting married somewhere warm and they'll have flowers at that point!

Meredith Perdue said...

Abby, this was such a lovely surprise! I am beyond thrilled to be a part of your wedding day. I know it will be both a beautiful and meaningful day filled with love. As for flowers, I love KK's idea of going to the farmer's market. I know tons of people who have done so and they couldn't have been any happier with their flowers! If I think of other ideas, I will definitely pass them on!

Missy said...

i'd like to stipulate to the farmers market idea. it was suggested to me and i was just too nervous about it to rely on that for my bouquets but all the flowers at the rehearsal dinner and at the reception were from the greensboro farmers market, which is HUGE and awesome by the way. I really wished I'd trusted to do all my flowers there, i was less than thrilled with chapel hill florist. farmers market it is stupid cheap and the flowers are gorgeous. we even went a day or two before the rehearsal dinner, picked out what we wanted and just told the vendors how much we needed so they could make sure to have enough the day of. just find someone you trust to put them together for you and dont stress, dont stress, dont stress.

Amy said...

YES!! Do the farmer's market. This is what we did for my wedding, and it was fantastic! (well, you were there). My mom took care of the flowers part, so I don't know where she got them or how much they cost, but if you like I can ask her. We had a tiny budget, and the flowers did not put us over.

I'm so happy that you're getting married!

Much Love,