10 February, 2010

today's open letters

Dear blogosphere,
That new French film or that hipster boy on the subway piqued your curiosity. Your curiosity was not peaked. Unless it was the Alps.

Dear flu-like symptoms,
Go away.

Dear thesis,
You've been very cooperative this week. Thank you.

Dear women's studies major in my class,
We get it. Most of us are on your team, anyway, so stop talking to us like we're your enemies.

Dear Guion,
Thanks for not fighting in the second Civil War on the seventh floor of Davis library. I'm glad you're still around.

Dear wind,
Cut it out.

1 comment:

Caroline said...

I'm a Women's Studies major, and I know quite a few who act exactly how you described. It's obnoxious.

Also, I really enjoyed "A Room of One's Own" when I read it. Ironic, I suppose. I think it must just be "Three Guineas." I feel incredibly fatigued after trying to read just a few pages.

Good luck with the thesis! Are you focusing on a specific aspect of Woolf?