29 April, 2010

i'll be so good to you

Annie Clark (St. Vincent). She looks like my beautiful mother, doesn't she?
Mercy! Done with classes. Two final exams and then I'm really done with academic work for my undergraduate career. Graduation happens, and then I'll move home until we get married (which happens in a MONTH, for those who care). These have been swift, swift weeks.
I got to see St. Vincent and The Love Language last night for free at Memorial Hall. Emily came with me and we adored Annie Clark (see above) from a not-too-far distance (we had third-row seats). I also got to see Angela almost get herself kicked out of the concert for being so happy and dance-y. She stole most of the show with her joyful antics and managed to drag Emily and I (and about twenty other people, including Sarah E., who I was pleased and surprised to see but not too surprised, because it's St. Vincent) back to dance with her.
"She said, 'Why is my life so uneven?' ..."
Today was my last day at UNC Press. They threw me a mini food party and my eyes misted up. I am sad to leave these people. They have been such excellent coworkers and endlessly encouraging and patient. I would work here again one day if I could. If we ever return to Chapel Hill...
Things I'm excited about doing in Charlottesville:
- Getting to know all of the great shops and restaurants in the Downtown Mall
- Reading The Hook weekly
- Having a full-time job and being an Adult
- Making friends with our neighbors
- Becoming a part of a local church


laurennicolelove.com said...

I just want to say how much I enjoyed your capitalizing the word, "Adult."


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