06 April, 2010

serenaded hourly

Jesus' practical question was a relevant one last night:

For who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life?

I'm so happy we're going to Charlottesville. I'm also so worried about finding a job. Jesus says he feeds ravens and clothes lilies, though. This ought to be enough.

Emily wrote an excellent thesis. I was privileged enough to get to read it last night after I had edited my own and I was so impressed. Clamor for "Backstitch" to be published; it would improve us all greatly.

No Pants April was a great idea, if I may say so.

I have much to do this week. I feel frightened and somehow caged when I consider that I do not have a single free weekend between now and getting married. Things will slow down, won't they? They have to. It is simply inhumane to live at such breakneck speeds. Proulx would denounce it; Woolf would use it as fodder and then call it spiritually destructive. Only McCarthy would laugh.

Somehow this was touching to me on Sunday night, as Kelsey and I drove back to Chapel Hill. I was thinking about the microcosm of Carolina and how I am quietly sad to leave it:

Well, just look around.
It's why I love this town:
just see me serenaded hourly! celebrated sourly!
dedicated dourly; waltzing with the open sea -
clam, crab, cockle, cowrie : will you just look at me?

- "Clam, Crab, Cockle, Cowrie," Joanna Newsom

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Anonymous said...

Abby... I've been looking for the blog for you and Guion. Im so excited for the two of you, and although we have lots to catch up on we're both so busy!!!! Ill be overjoyed to see you at the wedding, the Farson clan included.

The question raised in your blog by Christ was touching to me also. In such a gentle, practical manner he asks us to relinquish control of the ins and outs of our seemingly all important schedules and daily happenings. Its been especially hard for me in the change of pace in my own life, and learning to discover and re-create the spiritual accountability and simple joy I learned to experience no matter the environment. My information flow has been amped up and sometimes Im left scrambling towards old coping mechanisms... Sometimes I have to cling to "He that is in me is greater..." for I'm no longer of the world.

Anyway, good stuff! I can't wait to catch up with you once things settle down. My email is kcramer7337@yahoo.com whenever you get a chance!