04 June, 2009

denver, here i come

Another brief lull at work. I am flying into Denver tomorrow at 4 p.m. But I'll be in transit for most of the day, since I'm leaving Columbia around 9 a.m., taking the two-hour shuttle to the airport and then flying out of St. Louis around 2. I'm a little stressed about how to get from the airport to meet Jackie and being phone-less, but I keep telling myself, quietly, that it will work out, that it usually does.

I get off work at 6. I'm going to get some vegan food at this super-cool restaurant downtown, Main Squeeze, and then walk back to my room to start packing to the sound of Joanna Newsom and St. Vincent.

Also, I would LOVE to have any of these kitchens.

After lunch today, Aaron and I sat in Peace Park and talked about farming, living simply and the entitlement generation (which he says is mine. I'm inclined to agree with him). We watched the brown finches bathe in the creek and then fly over to the sidewalk to roll around in the dust once they'd finished bathing. It was nice.

I'm excited and scared. I think Denver is going to be lovely.

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