01 June, 2009

on the copy desk

Google Reader may be the best thing that has ever happened to me.

It's 10:38 p.m. here on the copy desk of the Missourian, and I'm loving my first day of work. (I've been here since 4 and will leave at close, around midnight.) The seasoned editors are making fun of me for being so gleeful about it, but I can't help myself. The speed, wit and fraternity of the newsroom is intoxicating. I'm getting more pumped about Denver, about continuing to hone these abilities and come out on the other side as a moderately-experienced editor.

Many waters cannot quench love...

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Christa said...

Hi there, you don't know me, I lept to your blog from Elisabeth Edward's and have really enjoyed reading it- all that to say, I live in Denver (graduated from Chapel Hill in 2005)- please let me know if you need pick up from airport, someone to hang with, anything! ceoakes@gmail.com :)