06 June, 2009

dover street

Hello, room! This is where I'll be living this summer. Isn't it nice? The photo doesn't show it well, but it's very spacious. I really love the windows and their panes. The house was built in the 1950s, so it has a lot of cool features. My room is adjacent to the giant lilac bushes, too.

This is Miss Kitty (presiding over a photograph of Guion). She might be one of only two cats I've ever sincerely liked. It's only been a day and we've already bonded.
Jackie and Simeon, my landlords/hosts, are great. They have been very welcoming and generous. Simeon made an excellent Shabbat meal last night (the bread he makes is fantastic). Jackie took me to Target today so I could buy a cheap phone to use this summer and a few other things. As we drove, I was astounded at the SIZE of these mountains. They would have the Appalachians for lunch.
Oh, and they're not kidding about altitude here. I went for a run this afternoon. I literally went half a mile and thought I was going to DIE. Jackie warned me about this. But if I can keep training out here, I'm going to be awesome when I get back to N.C.
Dad is arriving here tomorrow with the car, with Sam, Gran and Aunt Shelly in tow. I'm very excited to see all of them. Orientation starts Monday! I am mostly terrified.
Also, check this out: my amazing friend Lauren is doing a project she calls "Love + 100 Strangers." She takes fabulous photographs of strangers on the street and asks them to define love. The results are superb! Check it out.

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Anonymous said...

That is Way exciting. :) I'm pretty happy where I am right now, not in college, but if I were in college, you're doing just what I would want to. It's like something L.M. Montgomery would write.