03 June, 2009


Animals I would like to own one day:

- Three dogs (Australian shepherd, German shepherd, Great Pyrenees)
- Goats
- Rabbits
- Hens
- Horses (preferably one Arabian mare and one trusty quarter horse)
- One cat that acts like a dog
- A canary or parakeet in the reading room

I talk about animals a lot and Guion says, "Why don't you just have a zoo?" And I answer, "That's the plan..."

I think I inherited a quality from my father--this insatiable compulsion to point out wildlife whenever I see it. Dad was great about that when we were kids. He would interrupt lunch to show us a hawk in the tree, a baby possum on the back porch or an enormous bullfrog on the patio. I've become the same way. I do it subconsciously. "Look at that baby cow bathing! Hawk! I want that baby goat; it's killing me..." Aaron, one of my fellow interns, noticed this penchant of mine and came to my desk today to tell me that I would have liked visiting the Lake of the Ozarks because they saw lots of wildlife. "I thought, 'Abby would like to see all these animals,'" he said. I told him I definitely would have.

Colleen and I looked at The Daily Puppy for about 30 minutes today during a lull. Bliss.


mike said...

bringing home a rescue Choc. Lab tomorrow (from Salisbury) to place in a home here in town. he's a huge, beautiful guy. Will look good in the back of my truck! And i thought about you... Peace

mike said...

Oh, and why isn't there a cow on your list?! Important, you know, for the farm... o, right, this is a zoo, and these are pets... i fergot...

fiercest said...

how about a dog that acts like a cat?