19 January, 2010

a bird

I prefer unorthodox compliments. This may be one of the chief reasons why Guion has maintained such a strong hold on my affections. This afternoon at the Press, Elaine, one of the senior editors, looked at me and said, "You're so colorful today. Why, you look like a bird!" I liked that; I could be a bird.

I went shopping with my bridesmaids (minus Grace) at the mall yesterday and had a great time. Kelsey and Kathryn managed to find dresses, which was so exciting, and they look AMAZING. My bridesmaids are going to steal the show. For sure.

I wrote the first chapter of my thesis this week. At 20 pages, it feels like an accomplishment, but I know it's only the tip of the iceberg and I'm not even convinced that it's good.

Jonathan made me the most incredible dinner last night (minestrone soup, vegetarian lasagna, and poached pears--all from scratch!). It was one of those evenings of sincere conversation and laughter that you wish you could extend for days. I came home and watched "Pride and Prejudice" with Courtney and Caleb. Caleb and I cut up the whole time, prompting CoCo to exclaim, "What are you two, 12?!" To which we responded, "We might be."

I think I should be more worried about wedding planning than I am. I'm supremely laidback about this whole thing, and I'm not sure if that should concern me or not.

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Caroline said...

Don't let it concern you! There is so no point in being stressed about a wedding.. ; )

This reminds me...unusual disparagements can be amusing from time to time. I will never forget the time my mother said I looked like a bird, because my legs were scrawny.