13 January, 2010

varying temporal rhythms

My head is full of distracted prayer for my grandmother. I am frustrated by my inability to do anything. I wonder if it is foolish to pray for miracles.

"Life is not possible without an opening toward the transcendent; in other words, human beings cannot live in chaos." -- Mircea Eliade in The Sacred and the Profane, a reading for my Place and Ritual in Religion class.

Eliade propounds this idea of religious nostalgia, people trying to get back to God and to initial creation through ritual and recreating space. He affected my thinking this week in three ways: one, by reminding me that we sanctify time and space daily, even when we don't recognize it; two, the religious woman or man is always hungering for the more "real" reality, which is God's presence; and three, my religion is just as fantastical or absurd-sounding as anyone else's.

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