21 April, 2009

battle of the creative writing department

Today I skipped class to watch the Fiction vs. Poetry kickball game on the IM fields. The prose, unfortunately, had the poesy by four points in the end. It was well worth skipping class for--to see a bunch of skinny white kids try to kick and throw a red rubber ball at each other. I recommend it. Everyone was so enthusiastic; laughing, tripping, calling fouls, metaphorical insults. Little quirky events like this make one's day infinitely brighter.

Stuff I Love But Have Never Bought:
An old-fashioned apron
Jewelry from Etsy
Cooking gear from Williams-Sonoma
Fine china
Weirdly shaped garments from American Apparel
A puppy
Gladiator sandals
Canon digital SLR
Expensive stationery
Physicians Formula bronzer

Aside from instantly accessible community, I think one of the biggest things I will miss about College is sitting on the quad on a sunny day like today. Today it seemed like all of my closest friends passed us, coming to or from class, stopping to chat for a minute or an hour. We watched strangers; heard the baker's baby crying under the tree; posited theories about the Queen of Carrboro, who was selling locally grown kale at the mini farmers' market; threw handfuls of young grass in each others' hair; laughed; winked at the sun.

Overheard at UNC
Girl 1 in the Union: ... That's so funny!
Girl 2 in the Union: OMG. I know! I wish someone would write down the funny stuff we say.

Oh, honey. Someone is. (And it's not that funny.)

P.S. Just received an e-mail from my youngest sister that ended with the line, "I miss you and your wit and your bony ass."


lauren nicole said...

i laughed out loud reading your list of things you love but have never bought. we have identical lists, and i find it hilarious that i never purchase these things either.

lauren nicole said...

except for the dslr, i guess. haha.