29 April, 2009

newsy bits

First 100 Days: The Media-Overkill Awards, New York Magazine

Grace is going to India this summer!

Along with a posse of friends, Guion and I helped Chris propose to Missy at Chapel of the Cross last night. Hundreds of votives + hot wax everywhere + rose petals on the altar + a trail of mementos and love notes + one big, shiny ring = YES. Many warm congratulations to both of them.

First U.S. death from the swine flu, The New York Times

I have only two exams left. And then my junior year is done.

Emily left her phone in here and it's talking to me.

I got my flight confirmation times for this summer. Jetting off to Missouri on May 24 and then to Denver on June 5 (my brother's fifteenth birthday).

Watching the BBC miniseries "Cranford" with Emily has been the highlight of exam week.

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