06 April, 2009

do not torture me with beauty

I went to the Palm Sunday service at Holy Family Episcopal with Guion and Dr. Tillman this Sunday. Before we went inside for the service, we got to wave palms and walk in a procession around the church, singing “Hosanna.” The morning sun was hot and comforting; a fat bumblebee wandered between us and frightened a woman who moved behind her husband and I smiled, wanting to tell her that bumblebees don’t have stingers; we went through the Passion, as recorded in Mark, as a congregation and it was very moving and as I looked at the cross draped in red, I considered the tension between culpability and grace; I love saying "the peace" to my pew neighbors; the Prayers of the People is one of my favorite parts of the service. Guion is going to make a good Episcopalian of me yet…

Reason no. 3,405 to love Scandinavia: it produced the artist Camilla Engman, whom I am nursing a deep woman-crush on.

Childhood fears I have been completely cured of:
Talking on the phone
The ocean
The elderly

Every time I walk through the Arboretum, I have to fight the powerful urge to steal handfuls of flowers.

The Boston Globe is under threat of being shut down. The Boston GLOBE, people!

"Night winds in Georgia are vagrant poets, whispering." -- Cane, Jean Toomer

Right now, my top two favorite names for a boy and a girl are Elijah and Elia. It’s too bad that they’re basically the same name.

Childhood fears I have not been cured of:
Dark rooms
Red-eyed rabbits
Swimming laps

When I grow up and have my own house to decorate, I want a wide bedroom with white walls, white curtains and white bed linens. And an outrageous number of windows. I will also spend an irresponsible amount of money on fresh flowers and mismatched china.

Portrait of Eugenia Primavesi, Gustav Klimt

A terrific rainstorm hit this morning at 10 while I was in class. The rain roared against the windows and I was excitable, afraid. It made me think of Burke and his frustrating description of the sublime, how it is this contradictory emotion of witnessing a beauty so overpowering that it makes you fearful. I think a thunderstorm is the chief example of the sublime.

“Unnecessary” quotation marks in “signs”

My final word to the wise: GO HEELS!

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