30 April, 2009

even more newsy bits

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geither probably got on People magazine's Beautiful People list because of nepotism. Nepotism! (New York Magazine)

I saw two little sparrows either fighting or fighting to mate today in front of the Union. But it looked like the girl-bird was chasing the boy-bird and that was confusing.

Wash your hands.

It's estimated that over 70 percent of Kindle users are over 40. Old people! Stop killing books! You're supposed to be saving them! (Galley Cat)

Tonight Guion and I are going on a double date with Rose and Kemp at a sushi restaurant. And then I'll be going to Rose's apartment to join a lot of other fun women for "Gilmore Girls" night. And then I'm going to Spanky's with Guion for trivia night. Tossing all caution to the wind, who cares about exams!

There is a missing poet in Japan's volcano range in the Ryuku Island chain. (The Denver Post)

Song of the Day: "The Party," St. Vincent, from her new album

I'm really just dying for stamps from Corrabelle and Norajane. Where do these obsessions come from? I just really want to stamp stuff... (Etsy)

My orchid has one bloom left. One!

Who doesn't want a villa in Cyprus? Come on, Mom. It's only $1,337,329. Just look at this place! It's exquisite. (New York Times)

Emily and I finished "Cranford" today. It was a bittersweet moment. I'm sad it's over but it was SO GOOD. Judi Dench, A+.

Today I am almost thankful for the coolness of the air and the grayness of the skies. Existing in 90+ degree weather in a room that heats up like a black box is not so much fun.

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