23 May, 2009

goodbye, north carolina

I had such a good time with this boy over the past few days. Having him here was the best going-away present. Being away from him all summer is hard, but we did it last summer and I think we can do it again. I really should be packing right now, but I had to tell you a little about these past few days before I leave.

On Wednesday, all of us went for a gorgeous day hike to South Mountain State Park in Connelly Springs, N.C. I actually have no idea where that is. The park was even more beautiful than I remembered it being as a child. We hiked all afternoon, scaling rocks, splashing in rivers, sunning on rocks. It was completely perfect.

The full set of photographs from the outing can be seen here, along with the photos from our date to Lazy 5 Ranch, Mooresville's premier drive-through zoo.
I fly out tomorrow morning for Columbia, Missouri. I will spend a week in copy editing training at the University of Missouri. And then I'll fly to Denver on June 5. My excellent cousin, Sarah, has volunteered to pick me up from the airport and take me to where I'll be living in Lakewood. I'm thrilled about seeing her and the possibility of hanging out with all of my Colorado cousins this summer.
I hate packing. And I am super-frustrated right now because I can't find my favorite pair of shoes (that I wanted to take with me) and my camera case, which has my cable in it. I never lose things, and I've somehow managed to lose two important things right before I leave.
I met Elisabeth last night at Summit and we talked for a long time about many things, mostly our boys. I like her so much and I'm so glad I got to see her before I left. She is funny and wise. She came back to our house after and we did face masks, ate brownies and watched "The Jane Austen Book Club" (a.k.a. "Let's Interpret Everything In Our Lives Through Austen Characters." But it was still entertaining, Sarah).
Farewell for now. I'll try to blog when I get the chance. I'm leaving with a feeling of frightened hope, a buoyant spirit that is constantly looking over its shoulder.

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