05 May, 2009

rain on the street

Good things today...

Selling back textbooks

Buying Resurrection (Tolstoy) and Allusions in Ulysses (Thornton; UNC Press)

Quadruple date at Mediterranean Deli (Guion, me + Eric, Cristina + Kemp, Rose + Catherine, Russ)

Homeless dude called me "gorgeous thing." I guess that's kind of a good thing.

Talking to David P. for half an hour about Athens, local foods, old friends, his dog and his baby

Meeting Caroline, my roommate for next year, and discovering that Melissa has an extra twin bed for me to use

Gelato with Angela (she gave me The Omnivore's Dilemma! I am so excited about reading it this summer!)

Buying my first thing from Etsy (finally! A screenprint of an owl to hang on my wall) and ordering big versions of my favorite photographs to hang on my wall

Hugging Catherine

Emily coming "home" from training at Vespa. Thinking about how this is our last night as roommates. That's not a good thing. Ok. Have to stop now...

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lauren nicole said...

I never really know what to make of homeless-man-compliments. One time I was walking down the street with a few girls and I had my hair in two braids. A homeless man yelled "ooo Indian chick has an a**!!" It was dead silence for a few moments and then we just lost it laughing. How else do you take it??