25 May, 2009

hello, missouri

Greetings from rainy Columbia, Missouri. I don't have long to write, but wanted to say briefly that I've arrived and am already in the thick of editing seminars, grammar blitzes and friendship-forging with my fellow future interns. I'm about to go eat a cheese pizza with three of the girls, while we apparently watch "Greek" before going out to a bar on Broadway. Sounds cute and collegiate, doesn't it?

Being here has reinforced my feeling of extreme gratitude for this opportunity and training. At first, I didn't really want to come to Mizzou, but now I know this is going to be a vital part of preparing me for my summer in Denver. The campus here is actually really lovely, despite all the rain. The buildings are great. And our professors and lecturers are kind, eager men who've spent decades as copy editors and are sages from the profession. 

Much love to everyone, flung across the globe as we all tend to be during the summer...

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