11 May, 2009

i never hear the word escape...

After all of the graduation madness, Guion and I escaped to Mapleview Farms in Hillsborough. We drove with the windows down and the air was warm and sweet. We sat at the picnic table overlooking the dairy farm and ate our cones. We didn't say much, because we'd been talking all day, but that was perfect. To just sit, side by side, smile and watch the kids roll around in the grass.
The college graduate. I'm so proud of him. The only moment I almost cried was when I got a glimpse of him up in the stands of Kenan Stadium, clad in his Carolina blue cap and gown, flanked by his closest friends. He looked so happy, distracted, hopeful.

I want to own a field like this one day. Remaining few photos from our adventure here.
This weekend was great. More accurately, it was a speeding slideshow of joyful anxiety, happy anticipation and sadness for the momentousness of it all. I still don't like thinking about him not being here next year, but I'm excited just the same. I can't even find the right qualifiers. I loved being with all of the families on Saturday night; they are all, individually and collectively, amazing. It was a good weekend, it was. I'm just not sure how to say it.
I have jury duty tomorrow. Thanks a lot, democracy.

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elisabeth said...

i'm so JEALOUS. i've been called for jury duty TWICE and have never gotten to go!

have fun =)